Our beautiful
valley in winter
Read my story in
"Scenic Dream or
Silent Nightmare?"
A 1080 story of
suspense, intrigue
and deceit by New
Zealand author
Kate Winters.
In 1998, the Regional Council told us 1080 poison was safe! All our neighbours were having it laid so we may as well too. If we didn't, and possums were found on our
property after the operation, we would have to pay to get rid of them. It could cost us a lot of money, they said.

After the aerial drop, I walked around the neighbouring forestry block to count the dead birds and animals. For the following months I suffered from chronic fatigue, and
cardiac arrythmias (racing heartbeat.) This frightening condition gradually decreased over the next three years until I was back to my normal healthy state. Several others in
our area also had these symptoms, or suffered heart attacks at this time.
Several local public walking tracks and recreational areas were poisoned by "accidental overflies" and many non-target animals were killed, including more than forty pets.

Less than four years later, they wanted to come back and do it all over again
That's when the battle began!
The Story Behind This Site.

This began as a fight for my rights, for the right to walk our dogs on our own land. Why should our lifestyle be ruined for up to twelve months due to the risks involved
with 1080 poison, when we had NO Tb in our area and virtually NO possums on our property. It soon became a lot more than that; a fight for the rights of many others in
similar situations around the country, those suffering adverse health effects from 1080 poison and seeing the slow and cruel deaths of their pets and livestock.

Through our 1080 National Network NZ, various groups and individuals have joined forces in our aim to keep our residential and recreational areas poison-free and our
water pure and safe to drink.

The support I have received has, at times, been overwhelming. I know I am on the right track, therefore I will never give up.
We want to see the end to this insidious poison therefore we will do all we can to spread the word, the truth about the dangers of 1080 poison. We will keep telling our
truth, gnawing away at the block wall of bureaucracy, at the huge 1080 money-go-round all in the name of "pest control," until we win. And when we do, New Zealand
will be much closer to being truly "clean and green."

Eventually, the government will have to listen to the people.
Let's just hope it's not too late, for our wildlife, our environment, or for future generations.
We hope our website gives you something to think about. But amidst busy lives many things are soon forgotten. Apathy is our worst enemy. Please
remember the following quote:
"The world is a dangerous place. Not because of the people who are evil; but because of the people who don't do anything about it." -- Albert Einstein