After reading "Scenic Dream or Silent Nightmare?"
After watching the Graf Boys' documentaries, "A Shadow of Doubt" and "Poisoning
Paradise - Ecocide in NZ" more and more people are seeing what is REALLY
happening in our bush and beyond. More and more people are asking why?
They are asking for alternatives to the widespread aerial application of this cruel and
indiscriminate poison, which leaves lethal carcasses on the ground for months, to
continue killing innocent creatures and continue to spread disease.
We say:
According to DoC figures, one West Coast aerial 1080 operation costed out at $50 per
possum. Bring back the bounty - at $25 per possum it would cut the cost in half.
It is a known fact that farmed stock can be protected from Tb (through potential
contact with pests) by ongoing ground control on bush margins. Give pest control
back to the people. Use the possum as the valuable resource that it can be. (The fur
alone is now worth more than $100 per kg.)
Encourage people to get off their backsides, get out to the "Great NZ Outdoors" again
- and make some extra
money at the same time. If this new government is willing to
make it worth their while, there are many good keen men and women who will be
only too keen to solve the possum problem for them.
Ground control methods WILL WORK!

We are looking for people to help us make this happen. If you can help please
contact us - NOW!
1080 National Network NZ
The 2007 Environmental Risk Management Authority's decision on the
reassessment of 1080 poison actually meant that NOTHING CHANGED!

In fact, the NZ government and its associated departments have
broadcast more 1080 poison than ever before over "Clean Green??"
New Zealand.
The report noted public concern and “research gaps” in relation to
the effects of aerial 1080, with the recommendation for further
research to be undertaken. The same was recommended at the
previous review, back in the 20th century. Still none has been done.

But, New Zealanders are finally waking up to the facts!
Got Possums - who you gonna call?
Call Possum Busters for all possum problems, trapping
and information services.
It has been proven (however is rarely advertised by the proponents of aerial
1080) that by keeping a 3 km pest-free buffer zone around farmland on forest
and bush margins, using ongoing eco-friendly ground control methods, the
Tb risk to farmed stock from possums, stoats, etc. is removed, as is the risk of
1080 overflies and the "accidental" poisoning of farm animals.
Published with kind permission from Daryl Crimp