presented by the Graf Boys
Meanwhile, back in NZ, TAUPOand WESTLAND District Councils have now BANNED AERIAL 1080 POISON.
Blenheim, Kaikoura and Dunedin councils are now considering the same.

Nov 15. Te Runanga o Makaawhio, the iwi whose rohe not only comprises 95% of Westland, but is the most 1080-dropped in the whole of
New Zealand, voted yesterday at a 1080 Consultation Hui UNANIMOUSLY to ban not only aerial 1080, but 1080 period in their rohe.

Dec 1. The Coromandel/Coleville Community Board is advocating ground control only on the Coromandel Peninsula.
This excellent documentary, accepted for several 2010 International Film Festivals has been nominated for an
award in the division of Best International Environment & Ecology Film in the Swansea Film Festival.
17/1/10 About four weeks ago, one of New Zealand's leading film festivals - Reel Earth Environmental Film Festival - requested we
submit Poisoning Paradise into their annual competition. So a few days later, we flicked the sucker off, and it's now in the boil-up pot,
awaiting the proverbial judge's blade.

Of course, if we relied on the likes of New Zealand's highly censored, and Government-owned, TV One to decide on whether this
important film was worthy of public scrutiny (without the public freaking out and rioting), we would all grow old, watching Coro.
So, since REEFF was in touch, Poisoning Paradise has been sent to various festivals around the world for festival consideration, and
the hope that it may be accepted for screening in some of these others.
Thank goodness there are, believe it or not, uncensored, open minded platforms around the world (film festivals), that are not guided by
government policy.

This morning we heard the news that Poisoning Paradise has been selected for a prestigious UK film festival, Swansea Bay Film
Festival, which runs in the month of May, and we hope there are more to come.
So, what does this mean for New Zealand's image, its industry, its tourism, its economy, its future???

As long as this country continues to allow the contamination, the cruelty, and this deceitful practice to continue, we deserve what we
reap. For those who wish to remain quiet, for fear of retribution, and allow this environmental disaster to continue - you are supporting
this New Zealand ecocide.

For those who have an equal right to support the poor science that says that this deadly toxin 1080 (that is capable of killing everything
that breathes air), can sustain life in over 50,000 multi cellular organisms, without harm, I pray for your ignorance...
Thanks to you all, for your support.
Clyde Graf