A community group established in January 2008 to address local concern over the broad-scale,
indiscriminate use of the poison sodium monofluoroacetate (1080) by the Department of Conservation
and the Animal Health Board, has launched a website to share information on the 1080 issue and
inform interested people of the groups activities
Action groups in NZ
Working with overseas organisations
Brooks Fahey US Predator Defense
Kate and Brooks - Oregon 2005
Kate Winters - Alaska Hway 2005
May 2008: The people of the scenic West Coast settlement of Karamea
(entrance to the popular Heaphy Track) took part in this gathering against
the massive 1080 drop proposed for the surrounding hills, but to no avail.
Two months later, 90 tonnes of 1080 poison baits were dumped on 54,000
hectares of the Kahurangi National Park, (sufficient pure 1080 to kill over a
million people.)
A US organisation whose aim is to protect native predators by working to
dismantle government-sponsored programs that kill and maim these animals,
also to ban the manufacture and use of deadly devices and poisons used to kill
Tasmanian Conservation Trust.
An ancient place of healing for the body and spirit. To be discovered in a special corner of
Aotearoa, Te Mahoerangi is situated on the shores of Nydia bay, Pelorus Sound, halfway along
the Nydia track. Welcome to the peaceful and friendly hidden haven for travellers.

The area of Nydia Bay known as Chance Bay has been cleared of possums without the use of
toxins and brought the possum population to a level that stops the use of 1080 in the Nydia Bay
catchment. Our treasured environment is now free of 1080 and with our continued and sustained
efforts we will attain a poison and pest free natural environment for future generations.
US Predator Defense.
KAKA - Karameans Advocating Kahurangi Action
Te Mahoerangi
Hokonui's Environmental Action Group (Southland)
RAG - Ruapehu 1080 Action Group, (Central North Island)
Formed in 2001, this is an informal group of like minded people from all walks of life
in the greater Ruapehu area, who are opposed to the indiscriminate use of toxins
and in particular to the use of 1080 for pest control. The group's informality and its
membership which ranges from well informed and concerned land owners and
recreational forest users with years of local knowledge, through to more recently
arrived professionals living in the area, with strong environmental, scientific and
management training has been and continues to be its strength. The group has
always used the right protocols in approaching, consulting and involving the Tangata
A 10 year consent had been granted on 10th June for an aerial 1080
drop to take place in the Hokonui Forest on Crown land (DoC) and
also Waimumu Trust land, starting in July. The group was formed to
prevent the drop, if possible, while promoting a more acceptable
alternative to 1080 in the form of trapping and bait stations.

Friends of Waianakarua (Otago, South Island)
KEA Kumara Environmental Action Group (West Coast)
1080 Action - Upper Hutt.
Home town of stop1080poison.com website owner.
Other NZ groups
Based on beautiful Ocean Aware
aims to encourage a regional, national and international network to raise awareness
on marine pollution issues.

Ocean Aware